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Spare Tires Bundle

2 pairs of Ultra Tires + 2 pairs of Nubby Tires + 3 Pairs of Turbo Tires

No matter the terrain, your Ollie can handle it. The Bundle includes a set of tires in each color, so your Ollie is stylin’ wherever you take it. Throw on a set of Nubby Tires for traction, Turbo Tires for speed, and Ultra Tires for everything in between.

 When you need off-road capabilities and on-road performance, Ultra Tires perform. Available in only the boldest colors, Ultra Tires make a statement both before and after the race. Two Ultra Tires are included with each purchase. Ollie sold separately.  


All-terrain Nubby Tires will instantly separate your Ollie from the pack. Available in Adventure Orange and Cyber Yellow, equip your Ollie with tires capable of conquering any surface. Two Nubby Tires are included with each purchase. Ollie sold separately. 


Boost your performance with Turbo Tires when maximum speed is critical. With three performance-inspired colors to choose from, Turbo Tires leave the competition in the dust. Two Turbo Tires are included with each purchase. Ollie sold separately.